Autopsy Rotation: Maggots, Decay, & Flies, Oh MY!

by Know Guts No Glory on May 19, 2011

It’s kind of like that>
but worse…
(not my white legs, the deer)

I’m in my last rotation of my program, the autopsy rotation!  I’ve been very excited about this one and now that I’m doing it, I am most definitely not let down.  It is completely fascinating and there is so much to learn, knowledge-wise and skill-wise (actually performing the autopsies).  I’m slow at it right now, but I’ve just begun, and after a couple weeks, I’m sure I’ll be cutting through them like a pro. Just as fascinating as performing the autopsies are the millions of things I’m learning about forensics.  The only downfall is I’m doing this last rotation during the spring and summer weeks, which are getting warmer and warmer… use your imagination.  When I finish this rotation, I’ll have tons of interesting and fun things to write about, so keep stopping by!


No, I’m not dead, I’m in rotations…

October 2, 2010

Tweet Yes, I’m sorry to my vast amount of readers that I haven’t posted in, well, months! I really am trying to sit down and post, but like the title says, I’m in rotations. Let me first tell you that I am enjoying this year much better. And it is way more interesting than the […]

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Taking a break from the “Autopsy Series”

July 24, 2010

Tweet So, I thought I would take a break from the Autopsy Series-not that I have been writing ANYTHING this semester! I will continue the series when I am actually doing autopsies so that I can tell more information. I hope that will be soon, I will be starting my clinical year in a few […]

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The Autopsy Series: Evisceration

May 12, 2010

Tweet         (If you don’t want to “know guts” don’t read on!) After the external inspection, the autopsy technicians get to work.  This is where the fascination of the human body takes over, and I’m so thrilled to see it. I know, it sounds a little morbid-being excited to see a persons insides, but if you have […]

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What’s that smell? The Autopsy Series

April 28, 2010

Tweet       Yes, I did actually ask that in the morgue. Let me explain myself. I have never smelled death. I was expecting this horrid stench. When I walked in, I was overwhelmed by a scent I couldn’t put my nose to. Come to find out, it’s the death smell-go figure. And maybe some chemical smell […]

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Job Shadowing

April 23, 2010

Tweet             I loved job shadowing. It was very cool because I was right up in the action. I job shadowed with the Godfather of APA’s, Joe . He’s the coolest guy. When I first went to job shadow, I dressed professionally, I brought a note pad and pen and had a lot of pre-written […]

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The Journey begins….

April 20, 2010

Tweet                                                                                   Let’s start with what APA stands for: Anatomic Pathologists’ Assistant. OK, what’s that? It is an assistant to a pathologist in a hospital or a medical examiner. They do the diagnosing of cancer/tumors/cause of death-you name it. I will be assisting them. Basically I’ll be doing the dirty work/fun stuff so they […]

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