The Journey begins….

by Know Guts No Glory on April 20, 2010

                                                                                  Let’s start with what APA stands for: Anatomic Pathologists’ Assistant. OK, what’s that? It is an assistant to a pathologist in a hospital or a medical examiner. They do the diagnosing of cancer/tumors/cause of death-you name it. I will be assisting them. Basically I’ll be doing the dirty work/fun stuff so they can have all the glory. Obviously it’s a lot more than just that, but this is my blog, not a professional journal. I’ll be taking whatever tissue (breast, tumor, mole, intestine) gets removed from a person in surgery and dictating what I see, taking measurements, staining, dissecting and so forth. I found out about this program while searching for forensic psychology, oddly enough. I have a bachelor’s of science in psychology-which is a useless degree unless you actually want to be a PhD.  I live in the Detroit area, so when I saw that one of the 8 APA programs in the country was at Wayne State University, I was elated. 

                Here is a little background about myself.  I have always wanted to be a nurse. Then my mom died-didn’t want to be a nurse after that. I was terrified of death and dying and would have nothing to do with it.  I was also 12 at the time, not that it makes a difference about being scared, but when choosing a major in college, nursing was not one.  Long story short, I eventually became a nursing assistant in labor and delivery and loved it. After 5 years of doing it, I realized this: there is no way I want to be a nurse.  Not that they aren’t the best, because they truly are (shout out to Wyandotte Hospital Labor & Delivery nurses!!). I realized that it was the science and the medicine that I wanted to know. I also knew from hospital life that I did not want to go to med school either.  So, here I am, in a perfect balance of science and medicine.


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MuminNo Gravatar January 16, 2011 at 9:38 am

Well done, Briana! I wish you all the best in your career! Have a wonderful life and job, bless you!

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